Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to Keep Your Rabbit Healthy

How to Keep Your Rabbit Healthy

Due to most rabbits being kept outside in rabbit hutches, small changes may go unnoticed, which is why it’s important to check your rabbit regularly for any key signs of deteriorating health. Here are a few key things to be looking out for when you take your rabbit out of its rabbit hutch to play:

Firstly, you should be having contact with your rabbit daily so that you are fully aware of what he looks like physically, as this will make you more alert to any sudden changes in his appearance. Check his eyes weekly to see if there is any discharge; inside his ears to make sure there is no dry skin, discharge or bumps; his paws for any sores and his toenails to ensure they are the correct length; and finally check his teeth to make sure there are no teeth missing or chipped teeth.

When you have him out of the hutch and you’re stroking him, playing with him and so on, keep your eyes and hands alert for any lumps, bumps, bruises or cuts. Equally, if his fur appears to be quite matted or dirty, particularly around the genital area then you should be washing him with special rabbit shampoo to ensure cleanliness.

Monitor how your rabbit moves within his rabbit cage and outside and if you notice any limping, not lying down or other odd behaviour you should consult your vet immediately. Equally, it’s important your rabbit is able to move freely around his rabbit hutch as exercise and movement is important to keep their joints healthy. It’s a good idea to have a covered rabbit run for during the day, with an attached rabbit cage for night, so you can shut off the run to avoid attacks from predators

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